Selling a property can be a daunting task for anyone, APP Kirrane Auctioneering takes all of the hassle away from selling your property and will be with you every step of the way. If you are thinking of selling your property, have a look at our Process of Sale and the Types of Property Sale below.

Process of Sale

  • Make contact with APP Kirrane Auctioneering, we will call out to the property at a time that suits you. Early morning, evening and weekend appointments are available.
  • We will have a walk through the property and discuss the Market Value and any possible improvements that could be carried out prior to placing the property for sale.
  • Discuss the marketing strategy, selling fees, if the property has a Building Energy Rating Certificate, if there was any alterations to the property, are planning permission and boundaries all in order, have water and property taxes been paid on the property. Ascertain if the Vendor has engaged a solicitor.
  • We will send you a Letter of Engagement detailing everything that was discussed including our fees, the Asking Price for the property, description of the property, method of sale. We will require the Letter of Engagement to be read, signed and returned with the required documentation prior to placing the property on the market.
  • Sign will be placed at the property with directional signage from main roads.
  • The property will be photographed with the additional option of Ariel photographs if requested. An editorial of the property details will be compiled. We can arrange to have Building Energy Rating Certification carried out.
  • The property will be advertised in-store at our offices in Ballyhaunis and Galway City along with being advertised on our own website,,, , and other associated websites.
  • Email will be sent to our potential purchasers on our database.
  • Open viewings and private viewings will be arranged to fit around the Vendor/Tenants.
  • All offers made will be brought back to the vendor for consideration.
  • When the property is sale agreed, we accept a fully refundable booking deposit from the purchases. Sale Advice notes are issued to the Vendor and Purchasers Solicitors.
  • We assist the sale by getting regular updates from both solicitors to keep all parties informed and to finalise the sale in a timely manner. We assist with access for engineers and second viewings.

Types of Sales

Private Treaty

Private Treaty is the most popular method of sale and commonly used for residential properties.

Public Auction

This method is used to sell a number of properties in one day. The property will be sold on the day at the drop of a hammer. A reserve must be met before the property can be sold. A listing fee applies.

Sealed Envelope Bids

This sales method is used for large sites with development potential and protected structures. Interested purchasers are given the opportunity after viewing and carrying out their inspections to submit their best offers with deposit and proof of funds to the Vendors Solicitor at a given date. The vendor has the opportunity then to review the offers in place and decide on which offer they wish to take. The highest offer is not always the offer that is accepted it is at the discretion of the vendor.

Online Sales: Private Treaty & Online Auction

Your property is placed on the open market and advertised for 4-6 weeks in the traditional way. During this period your solicitor will prepare a ‘Contract For Sale’. This along with all other relevant information will be put online in a secure data room and can only be accessed after registering your personal information and identification then we approve you to have access to this information.

Here is the Good Bit, now with all this information in the data room both Vendor and Purchaser have Full access to everything going on in the Sales Process. Vendors Solicitors will publish all correspondence for all potential purchasers to see including the purchasers solicitors.

This is unique and will bring transparency and accountability to the Sale Process, no more Fake Bids or preferred bidders.

This process can be used for traditional Private Treaty Sales or for Online Auctions. We estimate we can cut the closing of Sales Process Time by up to 50%.

Please keep in mind by Purchasing in the online Auction you are committed to complete the sale proof of funds maybe required to take part in an online Auction, this can be provided by your solicitor.

I confirm Joe Bloggs is Mortgage Approved/In funds to complete a purchase up to 500,000 Euro” Signed Joe Bloggs Solicitor.

On line Private Treaty Sales are exactly the same as traditional Private Treaty Sales except you register, produce yours identification and Bid on line as ‘Bidder 1’, ‘Bidder 2’, and so on. You can place a bid anywhere in the world 24 houses a day and be notified in Real Time if you have been outbid. This is very transparent, very fair and this can be done from any devise, computer, laptop, tablet and even your mobile phone. So going forward you can Purchase your Dream House while sitting at your desk at work, travelling the world on your holidays.

For Vendors this process will offer a short period 6-8 week focused campaign with the option to change to online Auction to close the sale with a set date for completion. This is very advantageous to people upgrading or downgrading and need the proceeds of the sale of their property to complete the purchase of their new property.

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